OOX is the company that has introduced the first competitive online advertising monitoring service ‘OOXmonitor’ to the Middle-East!

Let us tell you a little bit more about our company and what we do.

OOX has been founded in August 2007 by two Dubai based professionals who have always been very passionate about digital advertising and have decided to take their passion and turn it into a business solution that would benefit the entire advertising industry.

OOX has not re-invented the wheel in terms of business concept. What OOX has done is created the tools, methodology and processes to adapt the concept to the online realm in general and more specifically to PC/Laptop web targeted advertisements.

OOX has started with one market, the United Arab Emirates that was and remains the leading online ad market in the MENA region. Five years on, OOX has covered the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and has added more features and services to its offering. Moreover, our services have been used by many industry players to name a few dubizzle.com, Yahoo!, du, Choueiri Group, OMD, Initiative, Mindshare, Mediacom, flydubai, Google, BBC, gufnews.com, ITP.


Does the company name OOX mean anything?

Yes, OOX is the acronym for Out-n-out Online Xperts. It is often used interchangeably with the service i.e. OOXmonitor.

What's the difference between OOX and OOXmonitor?

OOX is the name of the company. OOXmonitor is the name of the flagship service that deploys the big competitive data to our subscribers via this web-link www.ooxmonitor.com

Do you have any competitors?

No. To date no other company offers the service of competitive advertising monitoring for online in the Middle-East.

Some have mistakenly confused us for a company that offers Ad Serving, Media or Social Media Monitoring (text or content monitoring as opposed to advertising monitoring), or Traffic Measurement.

OOX is none of the above. The previously mentioned services complement OOXmonitor rather than compete with and vice versa.


Publisher/Ad Network

OOXmonitor allows your sales team to stay up-to-date on the latest competitive online advertising activities with the objective of maximizing sales revenue.


Creative Agency

Tap into the largest local and regional Creative Ad Bank to analyze competitive creative strategies for Brand Reviews and Pitches.



Stay up-to-date on the latest advertising trends and initiatives (Sponsorships, Micro Sites, In-game advertising, etc...).