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Comprehensive multi-discipline digital advertising directory for the GCC and MENA. Includes quick and easy search for advertising contacts to a multitude of Websites and Media Reps, Agency client lists, Company profiles and much more.

Consultant, UAE - Dubai


In case you hadn’t noticed, the definition of “the media” is changing. 

Traditional media has been around for ages, and they’ve all been pretty much the same since its creation. The web is a dynamic medium and changes on an almost daily basis as it evolves. Not everyone truly understands the power and reach the web has to his or her target audience. 

We will help you realize the effectiveness of the digital medium to your desired Return on Investment. We have worked the client side in direct, the agency, thus we can work in whatever situation you want us to. We are specialized in media planning and buying (practice and theory), social media strategy, ad trafficking and analysis, search engine marketing, digital strategy, direct marketing, among others. You want someone that has the experience and savvy to know where your target audience is, and how best to effectively reach them using the latest digital communication channels. Contact us now!