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EmailCiti FZ LLC provides unique Email Behavior Marketing Solutions for advertisers in the GCC and MENA. Its service couples behavior-targeted emailing with social media marketing, which allows for effective engagement with customers and viral impact. 

EmailCiti’s database is rich with over 12 million email addresses from the region. These are categorized according to users' demographics and fields of interests such as; General Interest and Gaming; Lifestyle, Fashion and Food; Automotive; Sports and Football; Technology and Mobile; Business, Finance and Real Estate; Entertainment. EmailCiti sends out email to the most appropriate audience according to these categories—ensuring the advertisement's relevance to the email recipient.

The service is also able to measure users’ engagement with the email. EmailCiti is able to track whether the message was opened, and other user activities such as clicking on the links to the advertiser’s website. 

They can also trace whether the user has shared the ad with others on social networks via the Facebook and Twitter buttons integrated into the email. The strategy makes EmailCiti’s advertising service capable of reaching viral proportions while still maintaining the content's relevance to the target audience.