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PR Agency, UAE - Dubai

Golin Harris ME
+971 4 332 3308
+971 4 331 6733
Founded in 2003. Number of employees: 65. Headquartered in Dubai. Chief officers: Rafic Saadeh (chairman & CEO), Saad Hijjawi (vice chairman), Grogory Tikhanoff (president & COO), Gabi Kaddoum (CFO), Joe Jabbour (controller & regional financial VP), Yiannis Vafeas (MD). Source: The Agency Map 2013-2014 Communicate
Major Clients: Amwal AlKhaleej, Mastercard, The Boston Consulting Group Subsidiary Agencies: Horizon Draftfcb, GlolinHarris, Blue Barracuda, Frontline Shopper."