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PR Agency, UAE - Dubai

Impact Porter Novelli
+971 4 330 4030
+971 4 330 4009
P.O. Box:
Porter Novelli is a public relations firm that is part of Omnicom Group. Its original clients were primarily social causes and nonprofit organizations. Today, the company works in crisis management, health care, technology, corporate affairs, consumer marketing, and more.[1] The company has approximately 100 offices in 60 countries. It has developed a reputation as a leading agency in the exploitation of the social media space to promote their clients.
Clients : BP Castrol, Emirates Alluminium, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, International Fund for Houbara Conservation, McAfee, Qatar, Leadership Centre, Regulatory and Supervision Bureau, Technology Development Committee, Wa'ed. Subsidiary agencies: OMD, Impact Proximity, PHD, Impact Porter Novelli. Website: