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Comprehensive multi-discipline digital advertising directory for the GCC and MENA. Includes quick and easy search for advertising contacts to a multitude of Websites and Media Reps, Agency client lists, Company profiles and much more.

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 Below is a list of websites that Nervora represent in the MENA region. (Source: Nervora)  
1. – (Publisher: Condé Nast)
The authoritative Web resource for skin-care, hair, and makeup information.  Through how-to videos, product reviews, award-winning runway-beauty coverage, and more, offers information without judgment so users can truly engage the world with confidence.          
2. – (Publisher: Hearst)
Answerology is a question & answer site brought to you by Hearst.
3. – (Publisher: Condé Nast) is the online destination for international design, from private houses by today's top designers and architects to hotels, celebrity homes, shopping, motoring, art and more.
4. – (Publisher: Condé Nast)
Ars Technica is a unique site engineered to fulfill the Modern IT Professional's desire for credible and accurate coverage of technology.  ArsTechnica offers advertisers access to one of the most sophisticated and broad-reaching professional technology communities anywhere online.              
5. – (CBS Interactive)
BNET is the largest community of business leaders on the web.  The community includes 130K+ white papers, case studies and webcasts; 26 million plus articles from over 4000 trade journals; 63K+ feature articles , interviews, videos and podcasts; and informative newsletters covering a wide variety of topics.    
6. – (Publisher: Condé Nast)
Cook with confidence.  Enjoy your food. is the essential kitchen companion.  Through technique videos, test kitchen tips, and an encyclopedic guide to ingredients, creates a truly interactive experience that empowers users to cook delicious food with style and confidence.
7. – (Publisher: Condé Nast)
To answer the engaged woman's call for more and better wedding ideas. Content is aggregated from the world's leading bridal magazines—Brides, Modern Bride, and Elegant Bride—and supplemented by our own team of dedicated editors.          
8. – (Publisher: Hearst)
Car and Driver is one of the world's most celebrated automotive magazines and websites, and is seen as perhaps the world's foremost authority on all things automotive.
9. – (Publisher: CBS
CNET is the world's largest and most heavily trafficked technology website.  CNET's plentiful and expert consumer technology reviews informs millions of people each month across the Middle East.         
10. – (Publisher: Condé Nast)
Conde Nast Traveler is perhaps the world's most revered travel publication.      
11. – (Publisher: Viacom)
Comedy Central is a lifestyle channel known for producing such hits as South Park, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report.
12. – (Publisher: Condé Nast) incorporates original, interactive features on every aspect of travel and highlights from Condé Nast Traveler.  The site includes almost 200 original, in-depth, insider guides to top destinations around the world; a "destination finder", as well as almost 10,000 photographs of hotels, destinations, landmarks, and more.             
13. – (Publisher: Hearst)
Cosmopolitan is the lifestylist for millions of fun, fearless females who want to be the best they can be in every area of their lives.  Cosmopolitan inspires with information on relationships and romance, the best in fashion and beauty, the latest on women's health and well-being, as well as what is happening in pop culture and entertainment…and just about everything else fun, fearless females want to know.
14. – (Publisher: Hearst)
Country Living is the largest selling shelter magazine on the newsstand and the definitive guide to the country lifestyle.  Country Living covers topics such as decorating and collecting, cooking and entertaining, gardening and landscaping, home building, remodeling and restoration, and travel and other leisure activities.
15. – (Publisher: Gawker Media)
Deadspin is for the sports enthusiast with a heart for the game, but a mind beyond the field.  Deadspin documents the sporting life and its myriad personalities, exposing the juicy (and juicing) scandals and debunking the hero myths, while still keeping its eye on the ball.
16. – (Publisher: Condé Nast)
Smart, savvy, and provocative, keeps the modern man a step ahead of the crowd with style advice, unflinching looks at pop culture and masculinity, and reports from the fringe.    
17. – (Publisher: Hearst)
ELLE pledges to make women chic and smart, guide their self-expression, and encourage their personal power. As the brand has evolved to fulfill these objectives, it has never lost its intelligence, wit, cool and ability to be ahead of the times.
18. – (Publisher: Hearst)
Elle Decor is where style lives.  We open the doors to the world’s most stylish places.  We showcase insights, ideas, and innovations by today’s preeminent tastemakers, even as we seek out the talents who will shape tomorrow.  Our affluent audience looks to us as they chart their own path to the good life.  They know that inspiration is the ultimate luxury.               
19. – (Publisher: Condé Nast)
Boasting nearly 90,000 recipes from top epicurean magazines, the biggest names in food, and's users; a wealth of original content on every aspect of food and drink; and a thriving online community of passionate cooks, Epicurious has been the go-to destination for foodies online since 1995. 
20. – (Publisher: Hearst)
Esquire defines, reflects and celebrates what it means to be a sophisticated man in contemporary culture.  Required reading for the man who is intellectually curious and socially aware, Esquire speaks to the scope and diversity of his passions with spirited storytelling, superb style and a tonic splash of irreverent humor.
21. – (Publisher: CBS Interactive)
GameSpot is the go-to source for all things video games and is one of the largest video game sites on the internet. GameSpot provides reviews, ratings, and best-in-breed HD trailers that keep players coming back for more.      
22. – (Publisher: Viacom) is the leading Internet broadcaster for the video game industry. was started by gamers who were tired of waiting in line for slow downloads of small, boring gameplay footage.  The site serves millions of trailers a month to media-starved gamers.    
23. – (Publisher: Gawker Media)
Gawker dishes current and cutting gossip across media, entertainment, technology, and business.  Founded in 2002 and quoted frequently in mainstream publications, the site is essential reading for those who want big media hypocrisy debunked and faux-sincerity exposed, all with a healthy dose of snark.            
24. – (Publisher: Gawker Media)
Gizmodo is dedicated to gadgets, gizmos, and cutting-edge consumer electronics.  Its tech-hungry audience stops by frequently to check out the newest products and recommendations for laptops, cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras, home entertainment, and other shiny new toys. Gizmodo is widely viewed as an authority in tech media.
Gizmodo, the go-to authority for gadget news and digital culture featuring product guides and breaking industry news geared for the wired male's lifestyle.         
25. – (Publisher: Condé Nast) is fun without the snark, intelligent without the snobbery, a network of millions of users worldwide.  From breaking news on emerging designers to helping women demystify men, translates the latest trends in fashion, beauty, relationships and health into actionable service, fun advice and cathartic dishing.
26. – (Publisher: Condé Nast)
Golf Digest is a trusted advisor and source of inspiration, capable of providing unrivaled access and interactivity with the titans of the sport. The site's superior quality attracts the highest composition of passionate golfers, who are also a highly coveted audience of business decision makers and affluent consumers.
27. – (Publisher: Hearst)
Good Housekeeping's rich editorial tradition embodies a commitment to the modern home and to a woman's quality of life.  Each month millions of readers look forward to Good Housekeeping for such content as health updates, parenting advice and personal stories of interest to women and their families.
28. – (Publisher: Condé Nast)
The ultimate site for fashion forward males.  For the 21st century man who wants to look sharp + live smart, will give the reader the access, the tools and how-to's to enhance his life.
29. – (Publisher: Hearst)
Harper's Bazaar is a world-renowned arbiter of fashion and good taste. Sophisticated, elegant and provocative, Harper’s Bazaar is the style resource for women who are the first to buy the best, from casual to couture.
30. – (Publisher: Condé Nast)
HotelChatter is dedicated to covering everything related to hotels and lodging around the world, including hotel deals and reviews, which celebrities are staying where, hotel industry news, tips for booking online, the hotels to avoid, the hotels to book, and more.    
31. – (Publisher: Hearst)
As a leading authority on home design and decoration, House Beautiful illustrates and illuminates all matters of domestic style.  House Beautiful helps readers achieve rooms that feel right, not just stylish; and living rooms, not showrooms.  Inspired by the past, living in the present, and looking to the future, House Beautiful accompanies its readers on their quest to create the house of their dreams.
32. – (Publisher: Viacom)
iCarly is an American teen sitcom that focuses on a girl named Carly Shay who creates her own web show called iCarly with her best friends Sam and Freddie.  iCarly has also garnered a large adult fan base and has appeared on multiple "Best TV Series" lists during 2009 and 2010.
33. – (Publisher: Gawker Media)
io9 is strung out on Sci-Fi. Part adoring fan and part discerning critic, the site appeals to both the hardcore obsessive and the generally curious.  An ideal platform for many tech and entertainment brands, io9 bridges the gap between gawking and geeking out.           
34. – (Publisher: Gawker Media)
Jalopnik is for the gearhead with an eye toward the future.  The site covers all the latest developments in the automotive industry and provides comprehensive reviews of the newest models.  Jalopnik’s readers are brand-conscious and brand-hungry, always waiting for the next hot thing to drive their way.
35. – (Publisher: Condé Nast)
Jaunted is the pop culture travel guide for globetrotters, business road dogs, and arm chair travelers who are too harried to sit down with a traditional travel guide, or wait for a monthly travel magazine.  This daily web magazine is a pop culture travel review for a generation that possesses a small attention span.
36. – (Publisher: Gawker Media)
Jezebel is celebrity and fashion without the airbrushing.  The witty, informative tone draws a readership that is intelligent and sophisticated, but still willing to get down and dirty.  Jezebel does what those women's monthlies only wish they could.
37. – (Publisher: Gawker Media)
Kotaku is the ultimate gaming blog, with in-depth news coverage, reviews, and expert analyses.  Its readers are pop junkies who have chosen video games as their media of choice, and Kotaku satisfies their itches, while documenting the industry’s ever-increasing presence in television, film, and beyond.
38. – (Publisher: Gawker Media)
Lifehacker digs deep into the technoweb to publish totally life-altering tips and tricks for managing your life.  Its readers are avid consumers of software programs, hardware gadgets, and “life hacks” that make their days more efficient, whether at work or at home.  Lifehacker is an authoritative hub for both pupils and professionals of productivity.     
39. – (Publisher: Condé Nast)
From constantly updating fashion and beauty shopping coverage on our daily blogs to how-to style advice to the best deals and giveaways, is where the American shopper looks first online to find and buy the very best of style right now.
40. – (Publisher: Condé Nast)
Marie Claire is more than a pretty face. It is the fashion site with character, substance and depth, for women with a point of view, an opinion and a sense of humor. Each issue is edited for a sexy, stylish, confident woman who is never afraid to make intelligence a part of her wardrobe.
41. – (Publisher: Viacom)
MTV is one of the most iconic lifestyle, entertainment, and content companies in the world.  MTV has had a profound impact on the music industry and pop culture and now has versions in many different countries / regions of the world, including the Middle East.
42. – (Publisher: Viacom)
MTV is one of the most iconic lifestyle, entertainment, and content companies in the world.  MTV has had a profound impact on the music industry and pop culture and now has versions in many different countries / regions of the world, including the Middle East.
43. – (Publisher: Viacom)
Neopets is an online youth-targeted virtual world where members adopt and care for a virtual companion who accompanies them through an endless array of games, communities and fantastical lands. Neopets is one of the most engaging online virtual worlds and is the second stickiest kids’ entertainment site with players spending on average 2.5 hours per month.
44. – (Publisher: Netlog)
Netlog is the premier social community for local Arab nationals. It’s a place to make new friends and connect with old ones. It reaches over 9 million Arab members in the region with games, groups, photos, and videos.      
45. – (Publisher: Condé Nast) provides trustworthy and insightful analysis through a unique mix of blogs, weekly magazine content, and interactive media.  This approach allows its passionate users to participate in the national conversation in an engaging and informed environment.
46. – (Publisher: Viacom)
Nickelodeon is perhaps the world's most iconic, most beloved children's brand and the owner of such names as Spongebob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer.
47. – (Publisher: Viacom)
Nick Mom is one of the top free online destinations for women, featuring a highly sociable female audience.
The site features over 1,300 of the most entertaining and challenging games available online as well as daily updates, trophies and prizes, social network integration and tens of thousands of puzzles.
48. – (Publisher: Viacom)
ParentsConnect - Get expert parenting advice, tips, & recipes for all stages of raising your child, plus connect with other parentsPregnancy, Health, Nutritional Tips & more.           
49. – (Publisher: Hearst)
A simple recipe site focused on healthy and simple recipes, as well as a lifestyle food community.
50. – (Publisher: Viacom)
Quizilla is part of TeenNick, the number one place for teens and teen girls online. Check out our girl games, and everything Degrassi, including Degrassi episodes and the full Degrassi cast. Quizilla is the site for quizzes, stories, poems, and lyrics! Make free quizzes for your friends, take Funny Quizzes, Girls Quizzes, Love Quizzes, Love Stories, Movie Trivia Quizzes, Music Quizzes, Personality Quizzes, Trivia Quizzes, Vampire Quizzes and Vampire Stories.
51. – (Publisher: Viacom) is a review site that allows college and university students to assign ratings to professors.               
52. – (Publisher: Hearst)
Real Beauty is the ultimate online destination for beauty trends, news, and expert advice.  The site covers everything from hair, makeup, skincare, and fitness, to celebrity inspiration ideas and figure-flatting fashion.    
53. – (Publisher: Hearst)
Redbook magazine is the total-life guide for every woman blazing her own path through adulthood and taking on new roles.  Redbook offers a vibrant mix of just-for-her fashion and beauty coverage; get-stuff-done editorial; thoughtful features on marriage, relationships, and family; and rich, affirming content to keep her connected to the part of herself that belongs to her and her alone.            
54. – (Publisher: Hearst)
Road & Track is the longest-running and most trusted automotive magazine brand in the United States.  Its content is geared to the passionate auto enthusiast and contains information about the latest models, industry news and auto shows blended with wide-ranging feature stories, technical insights and coverage.  Road & Track focuses on performance-oriented vehicles, sports cars and sedans that are, above all, fun to drive.               
55. – (Publisher: Condé Nast) inspires women to be their healthiest and happiest self.  With easy-to-use interactive logs, tools, videos, blogs and community features, offers users constantly updated ways to set and reach their goals in beauty, fitness, nutrition, health and happiness.
56. – (Publisher: Hearst)
Seventeen reaches more than 13 million readers every month and is today's largest selling teen beauty and fashion magazine.  In each issue, Seventeen reports on the latest in fashion, beauty, health and entertainment, as well as information and advice on the complex real-life issues that young women face every day.          
57. – (Publisher: Viacom)
Spike is a male entertainment channel targeting the highly sought after 18-35 year old demographic.     
58. - (Publisher: Stardoll)               
Stardoll Arabia is a place for Fame, Fashion, and Friends. It’s a virtual community where women can connect with friends and carry out their fashion fantasies through a fully customizable avatar and suite.  
59. – (Publisher: Condé Nast) is the definitive voice of fashion online and is the online home of Vogue magazine. has revolutionized the way people consume fashion around the globe.        
60. – (Publisher: Condé Nast) Arabia is the Middle East version of the internationally award-winning website It is the definitive voice of fashion online in the Middle East and is a fully bilingual site with with content available in both English and Arabic. Arabia provides an insider’s view on the world of fashion, beauty and accessories through a distinctly Arabic lens.
61. – (Publisher: CBS Interactive)
TechRepublic is the largest community of IT leaders on the Web.  The site features hundreds of articles, white papers, and more, and attracts a high-level and influential IT-focused audience.               
62. – (Publisher: Condé Nast)
The Age of Influence: Teen Vogue is the cultural catalyst for a new generation of influential teens and young women.              
63. – (Publisher: Hearst)
A Top 5 green media site born on Earth Day 2007, is a consumer's guide to green living, with daily news, tips, recipes, features and more. In 2007, was named Best New Site in the annual Best of the Web awards.  In 2011, joined forces with Good Housekeeping and the Green Good Housekeeping Seal on an exciting new content partnership.
64. – (Publisher: Hearst)
America's premier lifestyle magazine for the affluent, Town & Country is an elegant publication that shares and shapes its readers' discerning tastes in fashion, travel, design, beauty, health, the arts and antiques.  Sumptuous photography and fine writing grace its pages each month.           
65. – (Publisher: Hearst)
Travel Smart - Expert Advice. Resources - Tools to Use. Travel Blog - News & Reviews.
66. – (Publisher: CBS Interactive) is where TV lives online!  Users can watch their favorite shows, talk to other fans, read all the behind-the-scenes news, and just generally revel in the most up-to-date and complete TV site anywhere. 
67. – (Publisher: Condé Nast)
From World affairs to Hollywood, business to fashion, crime to society, is the cultural catalyst that drives the popular conversation online through blogs, video, photography, and award-winning journalism.         
68. – (Publisher: Hearst)
Veranda is one of the world's most exquisitely produced interior design magazines.  Veranda is distinguished by its artful representation of interiors, gardens, table settings and floral arrangements.  Authoritative articles on the decorative arts, books, collectibles, luxury goods, unusual travel destinations, must-see art exhibitions, renowned architects and the latest in outstanding furnishings round out each issue.
69. – (Publisher: Viacom) 
VH1 is a music and lifestyle channel that plays a combination of music videos and music-related lifestyle shows such as Behind the Music.
70. – (Publisher: Condé Nast)
Wired provides a look into the future, exploring the ideas, innovations and people that are reshaping the world.  Wired's unique offering of future-focused, authoritative content, sophisticated community tools, and superior design attract a passionate audience of intellectually curious, professional males each month.   
71. – (Publisher: Condé Nast) brings W's provocative stories and photo portfolios to life, with the addition of videos, online-exclusive shopping guides and the wide-ranging and irreverent Editors Blog, reporting the latest society, fashion and Hollywood scoop.
72. – (Publisher: Hearst)
Woman’s Day is the trusted friend of more than 20 million women.  With our “yes-you-can” attitude, thoughtful advice and easy solutions, we inspire readers to live well every day.  The passionate, long-term bond that readers have with our brand enables us to evolve with them, addressing the questions and issues that are on their minds now, from emotional well-being and healthy eating to looking their best and decorating their home.            
73. – (Publisher: CBS Interactive)
ZDNET is where business leaders go for trends, news, and reviews.  ZDNET provides the most comprehensive information to help leaders make the right business technology decisions.  Coverage from more than 40 veteran bloggers and editors, a community of millions of active IT leaders and leading vendor resources provide for a 360 degree conversation.