Media Agency


Publisher/Ad Network

OOXmonitor allows your sales team to stay up-to-date on the latest competitive online advertising activities with the objective of maximizing sales revenue.


Creative Agency

Tap into the largest local and regional Creative Ad Bank to analyze competitive creative strategies for Brand Reviews and Pitches.



Stay up-to-date on the latest advertising trends and initiatives (Sponsorships, Micro Sites, In-game advertising, etc...).

OOXmonitor for Media Agencies X10 Benefits:

  • 1. Allows you to understand your brand's online competitive environment by tapping into the necessary data and intelligence.
    It provides you information on:
    • a. Who’s advertising?
    • b. How often?
    • c. For how long has an ad campaign been in effect?
    • d. Where are brands placing their ads?
    • e. How much is being spent on campaigns?
  • 2. Uncover your competitors' online media strategies: OOXmonitor allows media agencies to learn what others are doing in the online marketplace.
  • 3. Use unique historical data to analyze competitive brand and category trends for brand reviews and pitches (seasonality e.g. Ramadan, travel seasons, Cityscape, Gitex, DSF, etc.).
  • 4. Stay up-to-date on the latest advertising trends and initiatives (sponsorships, microsites, video advertising, etc.).
  • 5. Detect shifts in brand categories and competitive activities (new category entrants such as food and snack brands, quick service restaurants, detergents, cosmetics, etc.).
  • 6. Draw insights and learnings from the media strategies of highly active online advertising players who have similar target audiences.
  • 7. Develop relevant industry reports and analysis that clients and brand managers can benefit from (click HERE to view a sample report).
  • 8. Quickly react to new online initiatives via automated alerts sent to your inbox.
  • 9. Complement the competitive offline advertising scene.
  • 10. Buying: learn about your brand and/or agency’s position with publishers and develop data-driven buying strategies.