Eid Al Fitr 2017, First Online Ad Campaigns

13.Jun.17. OOX
The first online ad campaigns for Eid Al Fitr have been revealed in this OOXmonitor exclusive report. Check-out which brands have started their Eid Al Fitr ad campaigns, which sectors dominate so far, where the ads have appeared and much more.
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Report Highlights:

  • Clothes brands, specially women and children's have been the first to kick-start the Eid Al Adha campaign season.
  • The majority of the ad campaigns lead to e-commerce websites when clicked. This is in-line with the new trend where e-commerce businesses are becoming significant online ad spenders.
  • Google, so far, has dominated as the publisher of choice via (1) GDN, (2) YouTube and (3) GDN Mobile.
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